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Sleek Edges


Pure magic in a jar..... relaxed hair you can apply to edges only and lasts 5-7 days. My natural girls apply to edges and to 1/4 inch back to get the ultimate hold and lasts 3-5 days. small contains 2 oz, the large is 4 oz



​Miracle Drop


Ingredients: Distillate,Tea Tree (Melaleuca Altemifolia), Leaf Oil, Peppermint , (Mentha Piperita) Oil Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Extract, Ylang Ylang. Granium Vitamins, A,D,E.



Sleek Edges, Diamond Shine, & Miracle Drop (Group Deal)

The perfect Trio (Small Has the small Edge Control/ Large hat the Large

Versatile Spritz

Light- moderate hold........seals curls without leaving the hair hard or firm.

Diamond Shine

8OZ  just the right amount of shine for any style....lightweight....leaves hair feeling silky. It also seals your unruly ends with a lil heat!!!

Milk Shake

Perfect for the naturalistas as well as those that wear extensions . You can use it to restore curl patterns . Just a few sprays . It's also a detangler and kid friendly

Silk & Seal Serum

Oil Serum that ads moisture to any style....jus need a dime size

Therepeautic Shampoo & Conditioner

-deep cleanse the scalp to prepare it for the restoration process

-stimulates and revitalizes the scalp

Miracle Drop System

-deep cleanse the scalp to prepare it for the restoration process

- stimulates and revitalizes the scalp

-pair it with the drops to enhance the growth process

Sleek edges & Miracle Drop

sleek edges - 2oz of just what you need to lay those edges down

miracle drops - revitalizes hair follicles and strengthens hair

( take a before & again in 4 weeks, must be applied 3-5 times a week, apply to areas of thinning and or/itchy scalp, do not squeeze the dropper.....dab only, expect results in 4-6 weeks)

Spritz, Sleek Edges, Miracle Drops, & Shine (BUNDLE 1)

To experience the FULL line y not get all products!!!!!! small option has the small edge control, large option has the large.

The Everythang Bundle

This comes with one of each of our products. This includes : full miracle drop system, our spritz and shine, leave in conditioner, and the serum. The full 8pc product line

Best Friend 

Restore your hairs natural luster while preventing future damage, Helps nourish, condition, and smooth strands for a silky smooth finish.

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sleek edges. Just

what you need to lay

those stubborn

edges down.

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