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Hair grows naturally on its own.  For many of us length retention is a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what you need to do for your hair to flourish and keep all the growth that your scalp is giving:

  • Maintain your hair’s moisture.  Naturally curly hair is prone to dryness, which leads to breakage.  For this reason it’s important to maintain your hair’s hydration by drinking water, keeping up with your wash days and using moisturizing products.
  • Condition and treat the hair.  Hair needs to be conditioned and treated regularly. 1-2 times per month be sure to deep condition your hair using Kaleidoscope Unikorn Deep Conditioner or Kaleidoscope The Answer 5-in-1 Reconstructor.  These products help to deeply condition and strengthen the hair to support healthy growth and length retention.  
  • Be Consistent.  As with most things in life, consistency is key.  Regularly washing, deep conditioning, and hydrating your body and hair are major keys for a healthy growth journey.
  • Be gentle.  Natural hair is extremely fragile and must be handled with care.  So before you go tearing through your hair (or your baby’s) take a deep breath, find your patience and slow it on down.
  • Detangle Properly.  There are levels to this detangling ish!  For one thing, you should NEVER detangle the hair without proper slip. That means you need to go find a conditioner, a curl cream, a detangler, SOMETHING that can create a barrier between strands and smooth the cuticle so that you can detangle your hair without breaking it. Another rule of thumb is to start detangling at the ends and work your way up. Try using Kaleidoscope Miracle Shake as the perfect leave-in conditioning detangler for wash day.
  • Care for your Scalp.  When it comes to hair growth the scalp is our source.  Increase blood flow to the scalp through stimulating scalp massages and by using Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops in Coconut, Original and Extra Strength to support healthy growth.  Avoid damage your scalp during the protective styling process by being mindful of tension and breathability.  Never wear a protective style longer than 6 weeks.
  • Sleep Pretty.  Growing up black, you already know the demo when it comes to tying down your hair at night.  Be sure to protect your hair from friction and dryness at night by wearing a satin scarf, satin bonnet or satin pillowcase.

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  • Hello
    I’m about to start my hair journey. I purchased the miracle drop bundle and Judy’s miracle shake and the answer. I read the growths guide. When and how do I use the mask and the styling gel.

    - Sherrie

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