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There are two approaches to wash and go styling. Some are able to wash their hair and leave it down to dry. This is typically the case for hair types 3A-4A.  For hair types 4B-4C it may be beneficial to put allow the hair to dry in a pineapple (one puff at the top of your head) or afro puffs.  This helps to stretch the hair.  Here are our recommendations for wash and go styling.

  • Apply Leave-In.  After shampooing and conditioning the hair use Kaleidoscope Miracle Shake as a leave-in detangler to condition or detangle the hair.
  • Apply Oil. After applying the leave-in use Kaleidoscope Miracle Drops in Coconut, Original or Extra Strength on both the scalp and hair paying special attention to the ends. A little goes a long way.
  • Apply Foam, Cream or Gel. Finally, you’ll need a product to help set the hair. Kaleidoscope has a few options for you but in all cases, after setting the curls do NOT touch the hair until it is completely dry.
    • Kaleidoscope Miracle Foam can be used to set natural curls for hair types 3A-4A. Apply the foam generously to each section.  You can either leave the hair down to dry or put it up in a pineapple or in afro puffs
    • Kaleidoscope Unikorn Curl Cream is another option for hair types 4A-4C.  This product softens and nourishes the hair while defining the curls.  Apply the product generously throughout the hair.  You can either leave the hair down to dry or put it up in a pineapple or in afro puffs.
    • Kaleidoscope Unikorn Gel is a great option for hair types 3A-4C.  You can use as much or as little as you need.  For looser curl patterns, use less product.  For tighter curl patterns use more product.  The hair can either be left down to dry or put up into a pineapple or in afro puffs.

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