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Help! – Which Kaleidoscope Collection Should I Use?! 🤔

Help! – Which Kaleidoscope Collection Should I Use?! 🤔
With all the different hair products we offer, it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. So, we're going to break it down to help you pick what's just right for you!

First thing's first – Whats your hair type?

  • Type: The type of your hair refers to the shape of your strands. For example, if you have super-tight strands that are coiled or kinky, then you most likely have Type 4b or 4c hair.

  • Texture: Your texture is how thick or thin your strands are. (Fine, Medium, Coarse)

  • Porosity: This refers to how well your hair can absorb and keep moisture in. There are 4 different categories: Low, Medium, High & Extremely High

    It's important to take these three things into consideration when picking hair products! This allows you to better understand the type of product that would be most suitable for you! For example, if your hair is fine but also is low porosity you'll need to have products in your hair regimen that add & lock in moisture without weighing your hair down!

Next, you need to figure out your hair goals.

  • What do you want to achieve? 

  • How much time do you have to invest in your hair?

  • What is your hair like now?

  • What are your problem areas? (i.e., frizz, damage, hair loss)

This will allow you to pay attention to products that have benefits for your particular hair need! Think about it– If your scalp is dry and itchy, you'll need to look for products that focus on removing build up & care for the scalp.

Now, Let's talk Collections!

The collection you choose depends on your hair’s needs. So Lets get to it!
General Growth & Health ➡️ Miracle Collection
If you're looking to promote & maintain healthy growth the Miracle Drops Collection is perfect for you! It is infused with our Best Seller Miracle Drops to promote growth. This collection includes multiple stylers like the Miracle Drops Leave-In and the Miracle Drops Styler Foam that work to detangle & style relaxed or natural hair!
Moisturize & Replenish ➡️ Moisture Collection
If your hair lacks moisture, is extremely dry & brittle the Moisture Collection would be a perfect fit for you! This collection uses avocado & honey to help lock in hydration & restore nutrients to your hair. It smoothes the follies to help prevent frizzing and split ends. Use this collection to improves your hairs moisture retention and strengthen weak strands while adding lustrous shine.
Nourish & Grow ➡️ Soulfed Collection
If your goal is to rejuvenate your natural hair then the SoulFed Collection is a no brainier! This collection is filled with a blend of key essential oils that help nourish your hair and promote a healthy environment for growth!  Flourishing hair is simple with this line! You can have soft, manageable, luscious hair that looks good and feels even better.
Purify & Restore ➡️ Therapeutic Collection
Listen over here we don't do dandruff! If your scalp needs a little TLC don't worry we got you! The Therapeutic Collection is just what you need. This collection was specifically designed to purify & balance your scalp's pH. It easily breaks down product build up and strips your hair of dirt & debris without causing your hair to be dry or dull!
So that’s it! Pretty Simple huh?
We hope this helped you figure out which Kaleidoscope Hair collection is right for you! Also, everyones hair journey is different & maybe you need a little love from more than one collection! That's okay too! There's no one size fits all, we're just here to help you embrace whatever hair problem you may have! So, if you still have questions about any of these products or want more information, Take our Growth Quiz or leave us a comment below!


  • Judy hello my name is Josie Reese I have natural locks I’ve tried your oil drops omgoosh it’s amazing beautiful 😍 it’s leaves your scalp feeling oh so wonderful thanks 😊 😘 tell Brat beautiful I said what up and I love you two together ❤️ ya’ll are beautiful together beautifuls…. P.S. can’t wait to purchase more products

    - Josie Reese
  • I recently did the big chop and relaxed my hair. I think I have 4c type hair and got tired of dealing with natural coarser hair that wasn’t growing. I purchased your miracle drop combo and be like Judy bundle. I’m loving it and I read that the miracle drop collection is good for both natural and relaxed hair. I’m loving your products they feel amazing. Hopefully this will give me growth and healthier hair.

    - Izora Carmen
  • @Kerrista Crapper-Wilson, It sounds like the Therapeutic Collection would be great fit for you! While all of our collections promote growth, this collection is created specifically with the scalp in mind! The Therapeutic Detox Shampoo, will break down build up, refresh & soothe your scalp! The Answer Curl Cream is a curly gurls fave, it will hydrate and strengthen your curls while locking in all the additional moisture the Nourishing Conditioner will provide!

    Hope this helps!

    - Kaleidoscope Hair Products
  • I have fine type 3c hair and a very dry flaky scalp. I’m looking for products that will help with my dry, flaky scalp while also promoting hair growth. Which of your products do you suggest I use. I’ve been using the miracle drop collection with very poor results.

    - Kerrista Crapper-Wilson

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