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Kaleidoscope Growth Guide

How to Grow Your Edges Back to Finally Stop Hiding

It can be a number of reasons that your edges are thinning or nonexistent. You don’t have to be embarrassed because it happens to the best of us, but you DO have to be proactive. This blog gives you tips and tricks on how to restore your edges and regain your confidence. 

11 Best and 3 Worst Foods for Healthy Hair
You can have amazing hair! Either you're apart of that super elite group that's born with it or you come up with a bomb hair care regimen that helps buy your membership. Here's your cheat for your next grocery trip for good hair! 
Must Read to Achieve Soft and Manageable Hair
It’s been coming up a lot in conversation and it’s been a recurring concern of how to deal with “unruly” hair. If you would love to soften up your coarse hair but are curious to if this can this even be done, this is the post for you! After reading you'll know exactly how to tame your mane to achieve soft and manageable curls. 
Avoid Breakage Using this Protective Style!
Have you ever had a protective style do everything but PROTECT?! Maybe you can tell the tale, of a box braid turned bald spot, or the lace front th...
KHP Staff Shares Their Favorite Products
Hi Kaleido Krewe! We all have grown accustomed to seeing and loving Jesseca, owner, and CEO of Kaleidoscope Hair Products. Have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes? Here is a sneak peak into our Marketing Team's go-to products.
Kaleidoscope Hair Products Launches Comical Series, Judy Springer

The Jerry Springer Show has retired from prime time TV but Judy has found a problem and provided a solution. On August 7, at 6 pm CST, Judy Springer made its debut on Instagram.

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