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Must Read to Achieve Soft and Manageable Hair

Must Read to Achieve Soft and Manageable Hair

It’s been coming up a lot in conversation and it’s been a recurring concern of how to deal with “unruly” hair. Our 4C curlies can probably concur that it can feel seemingly impossible to achieve soft and manageable hair. Let me guess, you would love to soften up your coarse hair but are curious to if this can this even be done? No worries, we’ve got you covered per usual with the inside scoop on defeating dry and brittle hair.


Drink more water - You’ve heard it a million and one times, your mom, your grandmother, your teacher, and any person that kinda cared about you. Drinking 6-8 glasses daily is not just recommended, it’s essential! You must stay hydrated not only for your hair but for your skin and nails as well. Water is the key ingredient for glow and growth.

Switch up your diet - Increase your fruit & veggie intake and watch the magic happen. Foods you should consider are blueberries, strawberries, papaya and broccoli just to name a few.  Click here for the complete list of foods that help with hair health and growth.

Heat - Avoiding too much heat is important. If it’s mandatory to apply heat to your hair, make sure you’re using a heat protectant prior to blow drying or straightening your hair.

Deep Condition - Deep conditioning your hair helps to eliminate damages and works to keep your hair moisturized. You should deep condition regularly but be sure not to over condition.  This is also a time where it’s recommended to use heat, in attempt to penetrate your hair shaft.

Less Build Up - Product junkies will hate this but the more build up that’s in your hair, the heavier it is. Make sure you’re clarifying your hair and shampooing to rid your hair of excessive product.

Detangle - It’s one of the most frustrating times in the hair maintenance process but it’s extremely necessary. Try out our milkshake detangler and leave-in conditioner combo if you haven’t already.

Trim Your Dead Ends - Please, whatever you do, let go and let God, sis! Hanging on to those old ends is probably playing a dominant role in stunting your growth. Your “longest strands” are just a facade. In their true form they are just really split ends and you just don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.


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