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Ways to Avoid Natural Hair Shrinkage

Ways to Avoid Natural Hair Shrinkage

Shrinkage is wack.

Hair be longggggggg. Long hair don’t care.

Few hours later….

Be humble.

Shrinkage comes with the game, it's like winning the lottery then realizing Uncle Sam still wants his cut. Strands may be longer than they appear and I know it can be discouraging that your curls don't swing as low as the sweetest chariot but it's okay, sis. Shrinkage is cool! If you pull one of your curls and it bounces back like Juve in 03, you should be nothing less than proud of your healthy hair.

Here’s how to elongate those curls:

Blow Out

If you want maximum length and can stand a little heat (notice I said little), a blow out just might work for you.

WARNING: Don’t you dare even think about doing a blowout without our 5n1 deep conditioner and best friend heat protectant!

High Bun, Getting Stuff Done

Putting your hair up into a high bun while it’s still a little damp. Keep the bun while you’re getting stuff done of course (about an hour ½ or so) then take it down.

Bantu Knots

Bantu knots. A curl girl’s bestie. Probably my go-to look if Black Panther ever opens auditions for a part two. They’re very easy to do, simply take the hair and twist it one way then wrap it around until it makes a knot. We thought Crazy Eyes was well, crazy for this style but it seems that she was on to something!

Flex on an EX!

Hit em with that flex! Flexi-rod set that is. Want curls that last? This is the route you would want to take. After shampooing and conditioning with our cake batter combo, apply milk shake, detangler and leave in conditioner to damp hair. Next, using the silk wrap foam lotion, work the product through the hair. Then, wrap your hair around the flexi-rod then bend the rod to make sure it stays in place. Lastly, sit under the dryer or let your hair air dry. Remove the rods, unravel and fluff as desired.


Braids and twists are well known for achieving curl definition but they’re also great for decreasing shrinkage! As a follow up to your wash day routine, braid or twist each section and allow your hair to air dry. This technique will help you achieve long and defined curls.


Simply shampoo and condition your hair. You follow the same method for braiding or twisting then wrap a hair tie around the hair from roots to ends. You can let your hair down after it’s completely dry, then fluff and style as desired.

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments.

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