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Burnt Orange and Burgundy Hair to Fall in Love with this Fall

Burnt Orange and Burgundy Hair to Fall in Love with this Fall

The pumpkin spice lattes are back. Overrated, if you ask me but that's just my opinion. I'm more of a sweet potato pie kinda girl but that's a completely different story.

It's happening, a favorite time of year, fall. The leaves will soon be changing and the cool air will soon start circulating. We welcome the bonfires and beanies, blondes, burgundys, burnt oranges, and browns.

What hasn't come up in conversation just yet is the color we're going to try out for the new season. Just because the weather allows, we're not giving you a pass to hide under your hoodie! 

Here's a list of amazing styles to considering falling in love with this fall. The vibrancy of these tones is guaranteed to set your hair on fire!

1. Voluminous Copper 

 2. Half & Half 

3. Let's Sew, Let's Sew!

 4. The Bob

5. Curls fo the girls 

6. Shaved Sides

7. Bangin

8. Lot's of Body

9. Big hair, don't care

10. Tapered Touch 

11. Spice n' Spirals

12. Let it flow

13. Bun n' Bangs

14. Side sweep 

15. Basking in Burgundy

Orange is the new black and burgundy is giving them life with no parole! It's definitely time to spice up your life! We've kept the party going on Pinterest, click here for more styles

Which one of these styles are you going to try out?

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