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How to Win on Wash Day with this Quick and Easy Routine

How to Win on Wash Day with this Quick and Easy Routine

You’re a product junkie.

Admit, go ahead. I’ve been told that admitting is always the first step. About a year into your natural hair journey, there’s probably not enough space left for you in your own bathroom. You’ve found the perfect pudding for this put it doesn’t work well for that. Product buildup is the biggest bully you’ve ever met. You have a million and one curl patterns and they just don’t seem to get along. Been in the game for a while? you’re kinda sorta over it, you just want to wash it and get it over with.

We get it. Don’t give up. You got this!

Ask about wash day and you’re welcoming the sighs and eye rolls. You don’t need this type of stress in your life. Here’s a list of ways to make your next wash day super simple and save you some time to binge watch Netflix.

Detangle, before even stepping foot into the shower to wash your hair. Try out our milk shake leave-in detangler to help with this process. The milkshake repairs damages while strengthening hair. Your hair is left tangle free, glossy, nourished and frizz-free.

Throw the prepoo and bougie business out the window. The treatments have to go on pause if we’re working with a tight schedule. Your hair WILL NOT fall out if you skip a few steps every now and then. You’re being dramatic.

Sectioning is a perfect way to cut your wash day in half. Natural with thicker hair typically use this method to not feel so overwhelmed when taming the mane. Take it one step at a time.

What’s missing? What steps are non-negotiable?

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  • This is such a wonderful edition to the website. I love this quick read blogs. Straight to the point and moving on. I look forward to seeing more of these

    - TaShena

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